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Ginetta GTA - Ginetta GT5 Challenge | Race Car Consultants

Race Car Consultants is a Ginetta Factory Approved Team

Ginetta GT5 Challenge

The Ginetta GT5 Challenge is strategically placed as one of the most desirable routes for aspiring GT drivers to begin their professional racing careers....


The Ginetta G40 GT5 car offers exhilarating racing for all ages and experience. Seen by fans up and down the UK as part of the British GT and British Touring Car Championship weekends, it’s a high profile series and breeding ground for professional GT drivers.


Utilizing the Ginetta G40 as its base, the series offers parity between cars and the chance for drivers to develop their skills in a lightweight, rear wheel drive race car. 

The GT5 specification car is the most powerful of the G40 range, with slick racing tyres, sequential gearbox, limited slip differential and purpose built chassis, it is capable of some impressive lap times.


We are proud to offer full season car hire and support within the GT5 challenge, as well as support for drivers who already own their vehicles and who just need a helping hand at race weekends.


For full details of the costs and services we offer drivers please get in touch.


Ginetta GT5 Specification


  • T45 tubular chassis and integral safety cage built to FIA standards

  • 1.8L MSA Sealed race engine

  • FIA approved driver’s seat and harnesses

  • ATL 45 litre FIA approved fuel cell

  • Sealed Quaife 6-speed sequential gearbox

  • Sealed Quaife ATB differential

  • Rear wing

  • 7” x 15” wheels

  • Controlled Michelin tyres

  • Controlled one way dampers

Ginetta GT5 Challenge
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