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Discover Your Inner Racing Driver:


Gaining your first racing licence is an exciting and enjoyable experience that's sure to get your pulse racing.

Our Association of Racing Drivers (ARDS) intensive days are based purely around providing you with the necessary information and skills to pass both the written and practical assessments required to obtain a National B race licence.

This is the licence you will require to begin competing at race meetings or taking part in race car only test days.


Step 1: The first task for any prospective racer is to order the Motorsport UK 'Go Racing' starter pack from the Motorsport UK website. This provides everything you need to know about the process of gaining your race licence. 


Step 2: Next up is the written test aspect of gaining your licence, questions include the meaning of flag signals and what to do in emergency situations are all key knowledge. Thankfully Motorsport UK provide all this information in the 'Go Racing' starter pack, so a good few hours of study is sure to see you through.


Step 3: Now onto the fun part, 1 to 1 tuition in a race specification track car. The emphasis being on your ability to drive consistently and safely at all times while on track, rather than outright speed.


Don't worry there will be plenty of track time and 1 to 1 tuition before the actual twenty minute test takes place.

Step 4: After passing a routine medical assessment at your local GP's or Health Centre it's time to post everything off to the MSA for your licence approval.

Step 5: Congratulations you are now a National B Race Licence Holder, time to hit the track for your first race!

Our ARDS intensive courses start at just £1150 for an all inclusive day, please Contact Us for full details.

Get Your Car Racing Licence in England
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