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Ginetta Academy - Ginetta GT5 Challenge | Race Car Consultants

Race Car Consultants is a Ginetta Factory Approved Team

Ginetta GT5 Challenge

Derived from the most successful GT4 chassis in history, the Ginetta GTA car brings everything a driver needs to experience an entry level GT car with uncompromising capabilities.


Comfortably outperforming supercars on circuit, GTA is an easy to operate and cost effective track day car that has an optional race series for those ready to move from track day enthusiast to entry level GT Academy racer.

Download Ginetta GTA Price List

Download Ginetta GTA Brochure 


For full details of the costs and services we offer drivers please get in touch.


Ginetta GTA Specification


  • T45 tubular chassis and integral safety cage built to FIA standards

  • 3.7L V6 Ford Engine

  • FIA approved driver’s seat and harnesses

  • ATL 60 litre FIA approved fuel cell

  • Sealed Quaife 6-speed sequential gearbox

  • Sealed Quaife ATB differential

  • Rear wing

  • Controlled Michelin tyres & 20inch wheels

  • Controlled one way dampers

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