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2014 Season
Our driver coaching is handled personally by multiple race and championship winning driver David Ellesley.

David’s role as a driver coach within the company is to help each and every driver reach their goals, whether its simply to feel more comfortable driving a car at speed or to secure race and championship victories.

David’s approach to coaching is a personal one, each of the drivers he coaches receives ongoing support and guidance to ensure that they are able to perform to their peak. Being actively involved in competitive Motorsport and looking to reach the top at an international level, David knows how vital that ‘extra edge’ can be.

The way it works:

There are no fixed rules for driver coaching as everyone is different, however to begin with there are certain areas we focus on more than others to work out exactly where your hidden speed is locked away.

Track Days

Track days are a great way for us to start our coaching programme as it gives us the chance to sit side by side with the driver and see their driving style and strengths, whilst also noting areas for improvement.

Track days are also an excellent way to effectively learn new race circuits or to refresh your memory of a track you may not have visited for some time.

We are more than happy to carry out our track day coaching sessions in your car, a rented track day car or even your race car should the track day allow it.

Test Days

Test days are typically used for race car development, but can also be utilised very effectively as a driver development day too. All too often we see engineers making radical changes in vehicle setup when with some very slight changes to driver corner entry/exit style that ‘little extra’ can be found.

There are several areas we focus on during test days, including both the mental and physical aspects to ensure that you consistently perform at your best.

Further Info

For further information on our driver coaching services please feel free to contact David directly on 07768051698 or on the office number 01473 657582, he will be more than happy to have an informal chat about your needs and what you are looking to achieve.

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